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Krystallos is a revolutionary app designed to help people identify what matters to them.

The app uses what we call the Humanistic Tree Approach to create a verbal image depicting the hierarchical structure of a person’s core beliefs, The Humanistic Tree. 

The Humanistic Tree Approach is done in a way to encourage gentle self-exploration without judgement or bringing up past experiences.  The goal is to explore how you view certain values and how they manifest in your day to day life.  The focus is on the individual, not exterior influences.  This approach allows the individual to explain themselves without bias of specific situations or fear of uncovering shame or guilt.  

In the example of The Humanistic Tree,   the individuals core beliefs are clearly identified by the main branches of the tree.  The offshoots of those words provide further clarity and description of the main branch.  

The Humanistic Approach begins with an extensive list of common values, virtues and beliefs.  Throughout the process you are not limited to the number of words you choose nor do you compare one word against another.  It is designed to be as fluid as human beings are.  We believe this allows for your unique Humanistic Tree to be an accurate, and encompassing representation of your core beliefs.  

In the image to the right you can see one branch of the Humanistic Tree.    The core belief here is honesty.  Some of the  words supporting the main branch could just as easily replace honesty as a core belief.   For this individual, they cannot.  Honesty is THE most important word in the grouping.  The other words provide insight into how the person displays honesty in their life, how they receive honesty as well as the language they use to explain who they are.  The complete grouping allows a person to see the whole package of a core belief.  It gives them insight into what motivates their behavior, hinders their growth and challenges outside influences.



Example of Humanistic Tree

Example Humanistic Tree for one core belief

Example Humanistic Tree for one core belief