Kaleidoscope Axiom is dedicated to providing solutions that anyone and everyone who wants to better themselves can access.  Our products are geared to both the public seeking self improvement and professionals looking for tools to compliment their existing work. We aim to combine technology, skills, tools and the end users desire to live a positive happy life.  

We believe personal growth is a life time commitment, sometimes requiring professional help other times a simple nudge in the right direction.   We want to be a part of that growth for people.   We want to share in the success of achieving the goals people set for themselves.  To do that, we design our products to be user friendly with an ability to integrate them into daily life.  We aim to provide tools someone can share with a professional they may be working with, to enhance the work being done.  We also provide tools for professionals to use in assessments, tracking information and in combination with other recognized modalities.