Getting Apple approval

We are running a little behind the schedule we were hoping for.  It seems the reason it takes awhile to get approved by Apple is that you get rejected a few times first.  They are like the date that takes a few to figure out.  

With any luck, we are wrapping up the dates and sliding in for a home run. 

In other news, we attended the Fifth Annual Congress of Positive Psychology in Montreal this summer.   Had a fantastic time, met some wonderful people and walked away feeling validated and excited.   We are working on some leads to partner in research with some organizations.  We had a few other opportunities present themselves over the weekend and we will see how all those go.   

The summer was busy with design work, scuba diving and family.  With the colder weather settling in, we will be heads down adding features and building on new ideas.  We have two more shows coming up this fall, one in Halifax on September 16-17 and Moncton in October.