The Art of Self Care

The human imagination is probably the most powerful "thing" in the universe.  It has created all of the worlds greatest inventions and our worst experiences in history.  We are where we are today because of our imagination.  Mickey Mouse exists because a man imagined he could.  For Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse was real, he had a voice and a personality.   For people who suffer with mental illness they are familiar with just how real those things you imagine are.  As is anyone who has ever felt self doubt or trapped in a job.   The expression: the struggle is real, is very true.   

Reality is based on our perception of something.  The human brain is incapable of determining reality from imagination without input from other sources.   In the moment we imagine we are the worst person on earth, our brain has to search for evidence that the statement is true or false.  That one brief imagined thought can impact your life in so many ways.  It is the difference between the happy relationship you dream of or the new promotion you want. 

A simple hack to get out of that funk, is to use your imagination to your advantage.  Use the magic behind your imagination to move you through the darker times.  Create something.  Draw the horrible thoughts you are thinking.  Use that energy for a positive experience.  Your imagination is already creating a whole new story in your head.  Use that momentum to create the ending of the story you want. No matter what position we find ourselves in we all have control over our imagination.  

Prisoners of war have shared how they survived the experience and all have said it was choosing to believe the positive, some of which they had to create.  In those moments of darkness we are already choosing to believe what our imagination is telling us.  Put that imagination into creating something positive instead of your own personal hell.  As Yoda says, the force is with you.