No Translation Required

At our core humans have some attributes that are simply pure, they are authentic and real.  Many of these attributes are instinctual and cannot be faked; our emotions, our natural response to threat and our primal need to connect.  Yes, connection is a need and it is primal.  Meaning this need goes way back into our evolution and can still be found in other mammals similar to us such as primates.  Our need for connections manifests itself in various ways in our lives.  For some it is Plenty of Fish or OK Cupid.  Other’s seek out like minded community groups.  It is fair to say Facebook’s popularity is evidence of the human need to connect.

There is also one simple trait that all humans possess that researches have confirmed is for the purpose of bonding.  That trait is laughter.  

Laughter is a series of vowel sounds that human’s make for various reasons.  It can be considered a form of language that does not require translation.  Regardless of the language an individual speaks, laughter sounds the same in any culture.  Which is why it is an excellent way for humans to connect and bond over.

Researchers are not sure why we laugh or all of the physical reactions to laughter.  They are pretty certain It is an excellent way to bond.  One study of over 3,000 personal ads across the United States found that 62% of the women listed laughter or sense of humor in their ads.   Another study of 1200 incidents involving laughter found that women are 126% more often the ones laughing in cross gender conversations.  Men were typically the instigators of laughter.

It’s believed that laughter has allowed humans to bond with people quicker which has proven beneficial in our ever-shrinking world.   

Some research is being done on the health benefits of laughter, however nothing significant has come out of that yet.  There is research that indicates an increase in serotonin levels and over all improved mood benefits.

With International Day of Happiness around the corner, remember the use of laughter for bonding.  Having connections with people is a great way to celebrate happiness.   Get out there and build some more, share your favourite joke or meme on social media.