Just what is Krystallos

Krystallos is a mobile app that wraps up a process called the Humanistic Tree Approach which produces the Humanistic Tree.  


The process is a journey of personal discovery leading to identifying a person's core value.  At the center of the tree is the core values.  The branches of the tree identify actions or attributes of that value for the person who completed the tree.  Each output is as unique as the individual.

The process is done by asking how the person feels about a word, is it positive, negative or indifferent. Once the positive words have been identified, we ask the person to rate the intensity of the feeling.  The final step starts to build the relationships between the words to create the tree. 


Where Krystallos differs from other methods of identifying values is it does not discard any words that the person identifies as a positive association with.  There is also no magic number the person has to dwindle down to.  Although we have found most people end up with less than ten core values, the process involves a linking that eliminates having a high number of core values.   We have also found that the Humanistic Tree Approach weeds out the "should have" values. At the end of the process, those "should haves" tend to be stand-alone values without anything branching from them.  This is a good indication that the person may not hold that value as dearly as they thought they did.  

In a nutshell, Krystallos is a tool to quickly identify one's core values and get a clear picture of who they are.