Krystallos and Mindfullness

The practice of mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention and focus to the present moment.  It eliminates over thinking what can happen in the future and ruminate about the past, both of which have been linked to anxiety and depression.   In mindfulness, you strive to quiet the chatter in your mind to focus on your experience in the moment. You become aware of your physical sensations and the stimuli around you.  The long-term goal of mindfulness is to reach greater self-knowledge and thus enlightenment leading to greater well-being.


By using the insight you gain from your Humanistic Tree created by Krystallos, you already have a starting point for self-knowledge.  Many troublesome interpersonal situations are caused by our reaction to the situation.  Much of the time, these can be linked to a violation in some degree of your core values.


During these times or when it is appropriate to do so, try sitting quietly.  In a gentle non-judgemental way ask yourself the following:


What physical sensations am I feeling right now?

Is there any weight to the feeling, if so, how heavy is it?

Is there any temperature to the feeling, if so, what temperature?

Where in my body am I feeling these things?


Spend some time acquainting yourself with what is happening in the moment within yourself.  

Once you have become aware of the feeling you are having and how your body is reacting, you can start to unpack the situation.

Did the other person behave in a way that is opposite of behaviors on my outer branches?

If so, which one?

What core value does that branch belong to?

If the other person’s behavior did not go against any outer branches, did it offend the main core directly?  If so which one?


Once you have identified which core value you are working with, you now understand the physical sensations associated with feeling that value wronged or out of alignment.  You also have a starting place for resolution with the other people involved.  You can clearly identify how you felt and explain some behaviors that lead to the feelings as well as offer suggestions on behaviors that feel more aligned for you.