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Krystallos is a revolutionary app in the self care/wellness market.


It is designed to help people identify what matters to them and use their motivating values to achieve the life they want. 

The app uses what we call the Humanistic Tree Approach to hack your behavioural motivations .  It creates a verbal image, The Humanistic Tree, depicting the hierarchical structure of your  values.

By understanding what values motivate you, you can:

  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • reduce conflict in your relationships
  • feel a sense of purpose in your day to day life
  • increase self esteem
  • make better choices to bring you closer to your goals
  • Increase your wellbeing  and happiness
  • live a more authentic life
  • easily make lasting changes in your life
  • reduce resistance to change

Krystallos will:

  • give you a complete view of your unique values
  • provide you with language to explain what is important to you with clarity and certainty
  • help you increase your important values in your life
  • show you how to use your motivating values to your benefit
  • give you insight into the underlying motivation of conflicts in your life
  • track your progress