After many years of struggling to meet the basic human needs of food, shelter and safety, Sue met Andy.  The new challenge of accepting love and belonging started.   As the years went on, the two explored life and asked big questions.  Their love of road trips allowed for deep conversations with profound outcomes.  For Sue this was exciting and unknown, her life history did not prepare her for unconditional love and flourishing.  She found herself looking at life in different ways.  She was finally cleaning the dirt off her own glasses revealing a whole new world with new expectations.    


This new reality caused a few troubles in the relationship.  As Sue changed she needed to be able to articulate to Andy what was changing.  It was part of this challenge in 2011 that saw the creation of the Humanistic Tree Approach. After sorting through how to identify what was important to her, Sue handed Andy a completed personal Credo.  Over the next few years, their relationship improved to be happy, secure and supportive to each of them.  They spent more road trips talking over the Humanistic Approach and how it works.  With the process refined they started showing it to friends and family who found valuable information in it.    

Authentic Andy

In 2017, Andy made the decision to leave the corporate world to start a new adventure.  The Humanistic Tree Approach was the obvious starting point.   Both Andy and Sue are passionate about helping people.  Many of their road trips were to volunteer at LGBTQ events or help friends and family.  The decision to create mobile apps was an easy one too.  Both Andy and Sue enjoy technology and the possibility of innovation it offers.  

They released their first app Krystallos in fall of 2017.  Krystallos helps people identify their core values allowing them to live a more authentic life of happiness.